The Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting Challenge is a tech demo & design competition

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Dates and Deadlines for the 2020 Challenge

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The RASC-AL Program team has been closely monitoring developments of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and are aware that many of your universities have restricted or suspended physical access to campuses that may impact your team’s ability to build the Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting (MMIP) Challenge systems as proposed.

The 2020 Moon to Mars Ice and Prospecting Challenge has been rescheduled for August 31 - September 3, 2020. Teams' Technical Reports are due on August 16, 2020. More information has been communicated directly to the finalist teams.


California Polytechnic State University
“Sub-lunar Tap Yielding eXplorer (STYX)”
Advisor: Peter Schuster

Colorado School of Mines
“Drilling Rig for the Exploration and Acquisition of Martian Resources (Team DREAMR)”
Advisors: Angel Abbud-Madrid, Mark Florida, Deep Joshi

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“HYDRATION II – High Yield Dihydrogen-monoxide Retrieval And Terrain Identification On New worlds II”
Advisors: Jeffrey Hoffman, Olivier de Weck, Martin Culpepper, Herbert Einstein, Michael Hecht

Northeastern University
"Northeastern University Probing Regolith and Ice-Extracting System for Mars and Moon”
Advisor: Taskin Padir

Stevens Institute of Technology
“Extraterrestrial Robotic Ice Collector”
Advisor: Eric Williams

Texas A&M University
“DRilling and Extraction Automated System (Dreams)”
Advisors: Eduardo Gildin, Robert Skelton, Sam Noynaert, George Moridis

University of Tennessee, Knoxville
“This is Now a Drill (TINAD)”
Advisor: Subhadeep Chakraborty

University of Southern California
“Trojan H2O Extraction System & Evaluation of Underground Surfaces (THESEUS)”
Advisor: David Barnhart

University of Virginia
“Laser-based Extraction of Subterranean Lunar/Martian Ice (LESLI)”
Advisor: Mool Gupta, Tom Green

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“Aqua Recirculating Integrated Upheaval System (AQUARIUS)"
Advisors: Kevin Shinpuagh

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